Dead End?

Your breath has all the power to move muscles and sinews

The body is nothing compared to the mind which blocks it

The mind selects the discount version of each arduous task and

urging you to take the next exit, opts for that which is pleasurable,

easy living.

It is a dead end.

With it as your master, you remain trapped in this physique and

blame historic injuries and insults for your own seeming incapacity.

The mind ties your body and soul in knots; the mind rots your potential and

stultifies growth seeing all in a series of binaries.

For it, nothing can exist without a polarity to another.

This is the simplistic nature of this machine.

If you breathe and realise the potential you have in each moment to change.

Realise the ferocious strength within to tame this snake.

To utilise it for its true purposes.

Stepping back without reacting.

Persevering without attachment to the outcome.

As you make earnest efforts to truly inhabit each moment, each posture,

each task, you bring awareness.

There is no need to list, categorise, compare and critique in this space.

The liberation comes as quickly as you allow it to.

Cover image 3.jpgPhoto credit: Sufi Orange

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