Tabula Rasa

Not not the double negative,

Which was corrected publicly.

Nor the pronunciation of ‘publicly’

Which differs from ‘public ally’-

A distinction they knew not-

But the light of the pen

Which illuminated our pen

And provided us words for fodder.


With this tongue to chew the cud,

A language was re-appropriated.

One of dissonance and dissidence.

It spoke of the milky womb

Of creation and cri.

Interwoven with lace, interlaced

With grace and the simplicity of

Mother nature.


Daydreaming and window gazing

To access that continuum were met

With knuckle wrappings.

As if the present verbiage was all

That there ever was and would be.

As if the condensation on the windows

Collected only on one pane and as if

There was no legacy to the honey bee.


They failed to see the irony

When before us

A blank slate was presented,

With “tabula rasa” inscribed

Heavily, on not neither but both sides.


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